Here are some of our frequently asked questions. You can always contact us with questions by clicking the Contact Us link down below.


Difference between vertical/ horizontal? Vertical means hot dog, horizontal means hamburger.

RFID and Non RFID? Is it thicker? RFID means that is contains a frequency blocking foil inside the wallet to protect you from digital theft. It is less than 0.1mm thicker.

Do you ship to me, if so how much will it cost? We ship to all countries! The cost depends on the weight of each model. You can see at checkout.

What does the vertical 4.0 look like? There are pictures in the listing!

How many cards do the 2.0/3.0/4.0 fit? 2.0 fits 10-12 cards, 3.0 fits 5-8 cards, 4.0 fits 10-15 cards.

Do your wallets hold cash? All wallets can hold cash. 4.0 holds the most cash, like 10 bills.