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Dash Slim Elastic Wallet 4.0


  • Slim RFID wallet blocking any security threats
  • Durable construction but ultra thin saffiano canvas
  • Holds cash, international currencies, folded in half
  • Elastic backside can accommodate 1-15 cards in compact wallet design
  • Front pocket, shirt pocket or back pocket
Our Leathers
Using premium microfiber leather canvases that are pressed to be more durable and weatherproof than real leather, many of our wallets are 100% vegan and animal-free. In addition, they are eco-friendly and recyclable. We always make an effort to use socially conscious materials whenever possible. We believe this is the only way to build a sustainable brand over time.
  • Domestic
    • Standard ships w/o tracking and can take 5-7 business days
    • Expedited ships w/ tracking and can take 3-5 business days
  • International
    • Standard int’l ships w/o tracking and can take 7-14 business days
    • Expedited int’l ships w/ tracking and can take 5-10 business days
We believe in our wallets, and you should too. If anything were to happen to your wallet within the first 2 years, we hope that you will send it back to us for repair or replacement. Under normal conditions and use, the wallet should last you a long time.

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  • Slim RFID wallet blocking any security threats
  • Durable construction but ultra thin saffiano canvas
  • Holds cash, international currencies, folded in half
  • Elastic backside can accommodate 1-15 cards in compact wallet design
  • Front pocket, shirt pocket or back pocket

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Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
Glorious item to have

Attracts attention and is super comfy to use. I love it!

One а the best slim wallets on the market

Very pleased with the wallet so far. Can store up to 10-12 cards and some cash inside. The only drawback is that in the second department the edges are not stitched making it relatively difficult to extract cards from there. Hope it will be fixed in next revisions. Otherwise, I have no complaints. Let's see how long will it last.

Dash 4.0 is a great little wallet

I originally had the 2.0 for a couple of years, tried other wallets and wanted to come back to Dash by getting the 4.0. Great improvement on the elastic design. Holds just what I need for each day. 3 cards in the quick access pocket, 5 in the rear elastic pocket, cash and a few business cards and receipts in the pass through pocket. The business cards were a bit fiddly to get into the pass through pocket, but I'm guessing it will be easier as I break it in. The slim profile makes me almost forget I have a wallet in my back pocket.

5 years (I think?) & Still Going!

I don’t remember if I got my wallet as a Kickstarter backer or if I saw the wallet on Kickstarter & got it as I had missed the campaign... Either way, that’s how long I’ve had the wallet for!

IMO: get there RFID blocking ones! Adds rigidity to the wallet.

I got the vertical one because that made the most sense to me - I saw the writing on the wall that cards would be used via chip only (also did my post grad in the U.K. where the idea of swiping your card was as quaint as having a cashier get a carbon copy of it. At one point half a restaurant’s staff was looking for their only swipe machine for me...).

The wallet has been a massive constant in my life. There are things I don’t love, detailed below, but I haven’t found anything better yet - closest was paper wallet (size/capacity/durability).

Quickly, things that are a bit lacking:

Elastic isn’t strong enough - over time it gets kinda loose. Especially if you often have a lot of bills (which I could never figure out what was the best way to carry. You can fold in 3rds, but I always did quarters as it was faster). I also kept the bills on the outside so the elastic would stretch less.

‘Grip’ of the quick access pocket - much like the elastic the quick access pocket lost it’s ability to ‘grip’ the card when you drew it out to insert into a chip reader. That was the main reason I got the wallet so I was a little upset when I realized I had to fully remove my card going forward). Initially the wallet grips too hard to easily slide the card out, then after a year or so it gets too loose.

Different designs (minor) - the horizontal is a pass through design for cash & vertical has opposing slots. Just take note.

After *years* the material starts to leave marks on your cards. The chip on my newest card needs to be rubbed clean every couple uses, but the residue isn’t really visible.

Slick, but not as spacious as advertised

This is day 25 of my first attempt at using a minimalist wallet. I've surely enjoyed the much smaller footprint of this wallet, and it does look pretty slick. The front pocket of my pants is always relaxed now, whereas in the past it was bulging with a thick bi-fold wallet pressed against my thigh. However, it doesn't quite live up to two important points that this website claims:

1) Holds cash, international currencies, folded in half: I guess it does this, but the edges are sticking out, which isn't my definition of hold (see photo with RMB in wallet). However, judging from the demo video where US bills are twice-folded into the wallet, I should have tempered my expectations.
2) Elastic backside can accommodate 1-15 cards in compact wallet design: I was able to put in about 10 cards by pairing the embossed sides facing each other in reverse, thereby maximizing the thickness of every two cards. That still leaves me 5 short of the target. Beyond that, I had a tough time trying to get cards out, and the sides of the quickdraw pocket was getting pulled inwards, causing the quickdraw card to bend. After stuffing those 10 cards in there for 3 weeks, I tried halving the number of cards and found the backside pocket pretty loose, which was not reassuring.

A few other issues I had with this wallet:
- really difficult to store paper receipts (in Hong Kong, we still get a ton of paper receipts, but this isn't as big of a problem in the US)
- quickdraw is tough to access when the wallet is full due to all the tension
- quickdraw pocket is symmetrical, so I find myself trying to slide the card out through the top as much as the bottom (if the window were an arrow, or if the top edge had a notch, that would help a ton)

Verdict: If you can get your wallet down to 5-6 cards, don't mind folding your cash multiple times, and don't have to deal with paper receipts, then this is the perfect wallet for you!