"There are plenty of contenders among the best slim wallets for men and Dash’s wallet easily rates among the very best. Slim, minimalist wallets are the forte of San Francisco-based Dash – a socially-conscious company that prides itself on superior customer service."


"If weight is an issue for your carry then look no further than this one ounce Dash wallet. Featuring RFID-blocking technology and durable construction from the Dash’s Premium Thin Saffiano Leather, you’ll keep organized thanks to an internal three-compartment system and a two-year warranty ensures that Dash stands behind their quality products."


"The one-piece Dash wallet, named after the designer’s dog who sent his previous wallet to that Great Pocket in the Sky, is another card-centric conveyance focused on easier retrieval of key credit cards... The killer feature is a small square hole in the side that enables you to partially pop out a credit card for a quick swipe."


"The Dash Wallet earned high praise for a unique design that's super-thin and minimal, but that doesn't force you to abandon everything, or shove everything into stacks so tightly bound that you can't get access to anything."


"Crafted from a single piece of black elastic fabric, it compresses your cards and cash inside, keeping them in place and the wallet itself a lot thinner and more manageable. The result? Less visits to the chiropractor, better fitting clothes, and a better looking you."


If you are looking for a rugged, like wallet that builds character the more it is used then the Dash 3.0 Wallet is the one for you. The black vegetable tanned model is made from a thicker hide than you usually find in leather wallets. The threading is also much thicker to ensure durability and the lining made from ultra suede. Both the threading and edging are wax coated so you know they are going to go the distance and the cash slot has a reinforced opening thanks to the extra threading.

"Elliot Havok’s Dash is made from a single piece of elastic fabric, folded on itself to form three compartments: one quickdraw slot with thumb hole for fast access to your most used card, one for the rest of your cards, and another on the flip side for cash. Plus, it’s only marginally thicker than its contents, rendering the pocket bulge a thing of the past."

"It accommodates the vertical usage of chip powered cards in a more durable timeless frame combining leather with elastic. Being big fans of minimalist wallets at Man of Many, this wallet looks like it could be a winner on all fronts"

"Thin, fast, and smart in the way we humans like to ascribe intelligence to inanimate objects, Dash sports two compartments for cards: one a superbly coined "quickdraw slot" that allows for lickety split production of just your favorite plastic money genie's magnetic strip for instant slide-and-swipe capabilities; and another for the rest of your cards, credit, ID, NAMBLA membership, or otherwise. For holdout cash carriers, Dash also has a third pouch on the bottom suited to fat wads of greenbacks."

"Any improvement over the scoliosis-inducing mammoths we carry today is welcome, and the DASH wallet is one of our favorites. It’s a slim wallet that intends for you to carry the essentials, and in this it’s fairly banal. But what sets it apart is the little window on the side of its “quickdraw compartment” that allows you to partially push out one card so that the magnetic stripe is exposed, and use it without actually taking it out."

"Back by popular demand, the crew over at Dash Wallets have upgraded their highly popular Quickdraw wallet with the introduction of Dash 4.0. Obviously, bulky wallets have become a thing of the past and this even more slimmed down version proves it."

"Because it is so thin and the design is so well done, it can hold quite a few items of cards and/or cash without becoming over-loaded or over-bulky. And on top of everything else, it is very reasonably priced. In my opinion, the Dash 3.0 is easily the best yet of Steven Elliot’s Dash wallet designs and while I continue to use the Dash 3.0."

"Dash Wallet was designed with the idea of simplicity in mind. When you take a look at the wallet you can notice how simple yet great it looks."

"The vision behind Dash’s design is to omit unnecessary wallet fillers and to only carry the essentials. There are two compartments for cards and a third for cash. Dash strives to provide fast and easy access for the on-the-go person."

"The world’s first quickdraw wallet by Steven Elliot. Dash is thinner, faster, and smarter than your average wallet. Dash Wallets are as flexible and efficient as you’ll ever need them to be."

My Dash arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely happy with it. People don't understand but who cares I had a small wallet before, but Dash is half the size. I already ordered a Dash 2.0 Thank you for creating useful stuff and cool slim wallets.


I received my Dash yesterday and transferred my stuff from my wallet. You can't get much more minimalist than this. It's yet to be seen how well it holds up (my leather wallet has lasted me for 5+ years and is still in good shape) but my initial impression is good.

Thanks for delivering as promised. I hope is goes really well for you Steve.

Robert P.

I thank you very much for everything and again, thank you for coming up with this idea of the wallet, it is fantastic and really took away from the pain of carrying a big wallet.


Dan L.

I received mine yesterday. I'm quite happy with it so far. I've always preferred a front pocket wallet over a back pocket wallet. The Dash 2.0 is a bit smaller than the front wallet I used to use before this and it's a bit lighter. After a few hours in my pocket, I'm a happy camper.


Awesome thanks! I am super happy with the Dash 1.0 that I got, and I'm super stoked to get the new version. Thanks for everything!

-Carl V.

Excellent work! Have had this for a week now and does what I need it to which is feel comfortable on the motorbike. The green stitching looks like it's been done by a blind kid :-) but I'm very happy with it. Will definitely get the next one. Very cool slim wallets.


I've also been using mine for a month and I'm pretty happy with it.

-Adam H.

Steven, I got it! I think it was the one you sent via delivery confirm because its navy. First, I love it. Switched my stuff to it yesterday and can't go back. Second, thanks for sticking with me. I never received the first two so if there is some kind of escalation you can do on that "IMB" confirmation so you get refunded your shipping, please do. I doubt they will ever arrive and someone from the USPS is enjoying a free Dash now. :)

-Tom R

Just got mine in the mail and it is AWESOME! Most convenient wallet ever. It's a huge improvement over the first version. And the leather / fabric hybrid works really well. I pulled it out at a GameStop and the clerks were impressed by it too. :D Black Vertical.


My slim wallet is near perfect! You did a great job, Can't expect a better product for $16!

Reed E.

I received mine today! Mr. Elliot you have created something spectacular! It's far better than expectations, and they were pretty. The minimalistic simplicity is, simply, beautiful.

Ethan O.

Received my dash, and I love it. Thanks! Best compact wallets.

Sawyer P.